Green Inland Ports presentation in Serbia showcases the study’s contributions to the green and digital transition

On the 20th of May, Saša Jovanović (Senior port expert, iC consulenten ZT GesmbH / Pro Danube) from the Green Inland Ports study team presented our project at the Port Governance Agency’s ninth annual consultation in Serbia, Belgrade.

Organised by the Port Governance Agency in Serbia, the conference brought over 100 participants together, including representatives from the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure, the Danube Commission, port operators, shipping companies, government institutions from the inland waterway transport, energy and water management sectors, local governments and tourist organisations.

The Port Governance Agency’s regular annual consultation is an important forum in Serbia which gives participants a chance to engage in discussions, network and launch new projects and initiatives. Considering that digitalisation is a prominent topic within the Serbian port community, Saša Jovanović gave a presentation about the Green Inland Ports Study (GRIP). The GRIP study also looks at the digitalisation of inland ports, and using digital solutions that help to make inland ports greener.

Dr. Jovanović presented an overview of Green Inland Ports Study and primarily focussed on the technologies available for port digitalisation, as well as on the existing experiences with digitalisation in inland ports of EU and globally. Special attention was given to the potential of digital technologies to contribute to the overall reduction of the environmental footprint of inland ports. The presentation closed with several good practice cases in port digitalisation, including case studies in Strasbourg, Lyon (France) and Hefei (China). The participants were also interested in hearing more about digital twins for ports.

Further information and readings:

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