Visual of the Danube in Budapest

Danube Port Days 2024

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Save the date: Danube Ports Days Event

We are happy to announce Green Inland Port project is participating and co-organising the Danube Ports Days!

Join us in Hungary, Budapest or online on 29-30 October to discuss some of the key topics shaping the future of ports:

This year’s three themes of Danube Ports Days are:

  • Modal Shift and Eco-friendly Transportation: Explore ports’ commitments for modal shift and eco-friendly transport options to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Emission Insights: Explore measuring emissions in ports and how monitoring CO2 and air quality in ports contributes to a cleaner environment.
  • Green Energy Solutions: Discover the importance of green energy in inland water transportation and understand ports’ role in integrating sustainable energy solutions.

Event is organised by Pro Danube, the Danube Commission and EU-funded projects: MultiRELOAD, Green Inland Ports, Innovation Action SYNERGETICS and with support from the Danube Ports Network.

Keep an eye out for the registration page!