Download the key takeaways from the Danube Ports Days

We are pleased to announce that the key takeaways from the Danube Ports Days are now available to download!

The Danube Ports Days 2023 event, a collaborative effort by Pro Danube in partnership with the EU funded Green Inland Ports Study, MultiRELOAD and SYNERGETICS projects, and with support from the Danube Ports Network, was a success.

This event served as the focal point for high-profile representatives from the European Parliament, European Commission, international river commissions, port authorities, and various stakeholders in the inland waterway transportation (IWT) sector.

The two-day event, held on 23 and 24 November in Vienna, provided a unique platform for participants to explore innovative tools and solutions geared towards achieving green objectives, sharing experiences, addressing common challenges, and staying updated on latest industry developments. With a specific focus on the European Green Deal, the Danube Ports Days aimed to facilitate collaboration between public and private entities, fostering know-how sharing and feedback collection in pursuit of the ambitious climate targets enshrined in the European Green Deal.

One of the highlights of the Danube Ports Days 2023 event was the insightful video message delivered by MEP Marian-Jean Marinescu, European Parliament. In his address, he emphasised the crucial role of the Green Inland Ports Study, shedding light on the strategic importance of connecting Europe and unlocking the vast, yet under-utilised potential of inland waterway transport (IWT).

MEP Marinescu’s video message not only highlighted the significance of the Green Inland Ports Study but also underscored the strategic importance of connecting Europe through efficient and sustainable means. As we face the challenges of today, exploring the untapped potential of IWT becomes crucial for fostering economic growth and environmental sustainability. Moreover, MEP Marinescu reflected on the strategic significance of connecting Europe and shed light on the often under-utilised potential of inland waterway transport. With his extensive experience and deep understanding of transport policies, he offered valuable insights into how improving connectivity and harnessing the potential of inland waterway transport can have a transformative impact on Europe’s infrastructure and sustainable development.

Green Inland Ports Session, 23 November 2023

Commissioned by the European Commission to explore and drive sustainable practices within the inland navigation sector, the Green Inland Ports Study marks a pivotal step towards a greener and economically robust future for inland ports. The study focuses on evaluating the environmental impact of inland ports, exploring the role of digitalisation for sustainability, and identifying opportunities for adopting inland waterway transport for urban and short-distance mobility.

Marta Wolska, DG MOVE, European Commission, highlighted that inland ports aren’t just logistics and transport nodes; they’re crucial for socio-economic development and sustainability. The Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy points to their potential to be zero-emission nodes, fostering sustainable mobility, clean energy, and circular economy development. To achieve this vision, ports need to adopt environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions, focusing on energy efficiency, innovative environmental strategies, and advanced monitoring tools. For this very reason, the Green Inland Ports is of great importance.

Stay tuned for news on the upcoming workshops in 2024.

Take a look at the presentations and watch the recordings from the event.